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We are all aging and nothing we can do will to change that fact – but there are there things we can do, and things we can change.

Welcome to the New Revolution where knowledge is power and informed consumers can and will make a difference in how nursing home care is delivered in Monroe County.

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While we may not be able to change the fact that the aging of ourselves and our loved ones is an inevitable fact of life, we do not have to accept that the current way of delivering nursing home care is the best way or the only way.  Nursing homes around the country are changing.  More need to – and it is time for informed consumers in Monroe County to demand change from our nursing homes.  What can you do?

Be a Smart Consumer 

If you are looking for nursing home care for a loved one, take along a copy of Take It on For Mom’s Smart Consumer Guide to Quality Nursing Home Care. The guide includes information that will help you determine the level of person-directed care that is offered in individual settings. Plus, just by having the guide with you will signal nursing home administrators that you are an informed consumer.  (download pdf)

Speak Up and Speak Out

Talk to your friends and neighbors about the need to change the way that nursing homes deliver care.  This is a consumer-led movement which is strengthened by many voices speaking as one.

Replace Fear With Knowledge

Most people react to aging and the idea of living in a nursing home with so much fear that the subject is nearly taboo. Unless we, as a community of informed consumers, confront our fears about aging and nursing homes we will never be able to change the system.

Go Public

Do you know of a group or organization who would host a presentation about person-directed care and Take on For Mom’s consumer movement to change nursing home care?  Please click here to contact us.

Volunteer to Take It On For Mom

Do you want to take an active role in the New Revolution to change the way that nursing homes in Monroe County deliver care – for our loved ones and one day, for ourselves?  There are many ways that you can help.  Please click here contact us.

Volunteer to become a Nursing Home Ombudsman

Lifespan’s Ombudsman Program mediates resident care issues in long term care facilities in Monroe, Ontario, Genesee, Yates, Wyoming, Seneca and Livingston counties. Ombudsmen are trained, independent volunteers who are assigned to long-term care facilities. Ombudsmen listen, mediate, negotiate, propose and facilitate solutions to residents' concerns and problems. They help residents and families learn to advocate for themselves.

Contact Lifespan at (585) 244-8400 to learn more about training to become a Nursing Home Ombudsman.


Knowledge is Power



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