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Why do we fear
getting older?

For many, growing older is a real fear.  We’re afraid of being dependent on others, on our children or caregivers.  We may be afraid of someone else making decisions for us, not having choice in our own daily lives.  Maybe we’re afraid of not having the purpose and role we once had.

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Why is there a need for change?

Most nursing homes in Monroe County and around the country follow an institutional, regimented model of care, based on efficiency for organizations providing care but not focused on the individual preferences of those receiving care.

This explains why you can go to any long-term care organization in the country and find the same staff behaviors, despite different people with different personal cultures working there.  All 16,000 of them have followed the same institutional model of care. That hospital-like model of care has resulted in a common culture without anyone planning it or thinking about it.

We have a broken system, not broken people

The system needs to be fixed so that compassionate care providers can shine.  The people who work in long-term care are some of the most caring people in the world.  What we need are not new people.  What we need is to dramatically transform our long-term care communities into places where people want to live and work.  That begins with transforming the way we think about and care for each other as we age.

Now is the time for the New Revolution where knowledge is power.  Informed consumers will play an important role in driving demand for a new model of person-directed care rooted in culture change principles and values.

Pioneer Network’s Guide to Better Care Options

What does culture change look like?

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NYS Your Rights in A Nursing Home


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